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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ACsG Letter to the Board of Trustees

This is a copy of the letter given to the Board of Trustees by the Art Center Student Council.

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Bambi said...

How about pricing Art Center tuition accurately to begin with? A massive percentage of the student body is ON scholarship already. The source of most of those scholarship dollars comes from TUITION.

Essentially, you have a situation where the tuition is sky-high, but they hand coupons out to more than 50% of the students who walk through the door. Most of you who are on scholarship, are funding your OWN scholarship.

Look for solutions to build the endowment. How about selling 75 acres of gorgeous residential property overlooking the Rose Bowl? It could fetch $100 Million on the open market. With a 5% ROI, that would translate into a $1,111 per semester reduction in tuition for all of you. Not bad.