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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Budget chart indicates real view of spending

The below chart (click to enlarge) indicates that as revenues from tuition have increased, direct spending on education has fallen. We don't have confirmation yet that this chart is legitimate, but neither has there been a denial. The numbers look valid from what we know.


Anonymous said...

Beware---This is not an official budget and many of the numbers are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Can you show us "right" numbers?
"Beware" is an interesting choice of words....
Please, show us which numbers are wrong, show us the money!

Future of Art Center said...

If anyone can show us a truly official budget with this level of detail, we'll post it. And if anyone can show specifically where this budget is inaccurate, let us know. Right now, this is the only information out there. We need to know how much money historically is being spend on education vs. tuition - and directly on real education, not other projects.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you that Koshalek can show you neat PDF files of pre-prepared information, but I seriously doubt he'll hand over an actual raw excel-based "budget"...You never know what the "competition" will do with it (tee-hee-hee).

Jason said...

You can check many of the numbers up until 2005 on guidestar and then go to payments office to get the 2007 990 forms and then go to enrollment to get their numbers. The IRS will send you up to 2006 tax form 990 and as long as we are not a commercial entity seeking them the 1st 100 pages are free. If there was fabrication here it is well masked, but I seriously doubt it. These are many of the same numbers I was able to dig up.
You can believe that the education budget % contribution per tuition dollars has been severely cut. Check out the You Tube videos Richard states th education budget was 25.4 million in 2007 divide that by 2007 enrollment and you will see how much of out 14K+ goes to the education budget. I'll warn you though it's depressing.

Jones Foyer said...

Thanks. Being an artist, it is helpful to me when the numbers are expressed visually.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Art Center produces more than half of the world's car designers and innovative leaders in other fields. With an annual operating budget of $43 million, the school has about 1,300 full-time students and more than 350 instructors, most of whom are practicing professionals who teach part time.

990 Tax forms indicate ACCD collected 100 million a year, so that would leave over 50 million a year for profit and trust funding.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the money these 'administrators' get paid on that 990 tax form, you realize why they are so out of touch with why students complain about tuition:

Richard Koshalek: $453k
Erica Clark: $146k
Jean Ford: $139k
Nathan Young: $265K

And you know these people probably only paid a paltry sum for their education as opposed to what you're paying.

If you don't question, then they'll just keep doing what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that RK stated the educational budget was 25.1 million in the summer when addressing the student gov.

Yup and Nate was fired for going 1 million overbudget.

That means about 25 cents per dollar is going to the educational budget. which includes faculty salaries.

Where is the money?

From 40 million operating budget to 100 in 8 years. that leaves a whole lot more than 50 million that has been thrown at what new logo, southcampus and sinclaire pavillion.

These numbers and the idea that the school is financially unstable seems like a massive failure.

Whoever the CFO is and the board should be getting the Rick Wagneer treatment

Anonymous said...


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